Saturday, 9 June 2007

BSG Colonial Warrior

Colonial Warrior

The jacket is made up of a type of fleece material with inner satin for comforts. I managed to find a hardware shop around my residence that sells a similar type of buckle. Each jacket consist of four pairs of buckle.

The inner tunic is also made of a type of fleece material. The Tunic can be worn by means of velcro. Like the tunic, the pants used the same type of fleece material. The patches can easily
be brough from other websites. The whole costume of jacket, tunic, pants and two pair of pins cost me US$170(labour, raw material, without the belt) to have the costume made. It follows strictly to the tunic size chart below. It cost US$35 to have it ship to my friends in USA and Europe.If you need any assistance in making any of these lovely looking costume, do send me an email at

CW Collar Pins(Silver)

CW Collar Pin (Gold)
I got the Pins done either gold or silver by a metalsmith that live within a stone thrown from my area. He charges me US$5.90 for a pair. I shipped them to my friends in the States and Europe at US$4/pair. If you need any assistance in making any of these lovely looking pins, do send me an email at

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______________Costume_ Size________________
Size__Chest___Waist____Sleeve Length__Leg_inseam

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